Customized Designs

CHUMPOWER can satisfy the demands and choices of the client and market, and possesses project-planning capabilities to meet client demands in different aspects.

Over 3000 machines are sold to more than 103 countries. An annual 2.28 trillion PET bottles are produced by Chumpower machines.
  • One-Stop ServicesMolds, machines, production lines, CHUMPOWER has everything you need.好
  • Most ReliableFrom polar to tropical climates,CHUMPOWER machines are operating everywhere in the world.
  • Best ServicesMore than 1200 personnel visits in Global Aftersales Services
  • Conformity with Client RequirementsLarge enterprises, small enterprises, large bottles, small bottles, high-speed, special functions Customize the machine to your requirements
  • Mold Modeling and DesigningWe have mold specialists with over 20 years of experience. There are no bottle molds that we cannot handle.
  • Cloud-based Bottle Type DesignThrough our cloud designing platform, clients can complete the blow molding designs online.
  • Energy Saving ModelsGas recycling, high efficiency ovens ensure cost savings and environmental protection.
We are not only PET specialists, we are also your best cooperation partner in PET systems.

They are not just slogans that we stated on the web. We work by these principles with customer to achieve their goals, from presales consultation to after sales services. Our dedicated R&D team will ensure the most cost effective system is build. We have a successful story in helping our client to save few grams of preform weight while maintaining the same bottle characteristics obtained from the old preform. In the end, this new project has helped them to cut huge amount of savings in raw material cost. It is this kind of satisfaction that we are looking to provide.